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Thursday, January 7, 2010

YMC (You Must Create) Selvage Jeans

When asked how he saw the future of design, Raymond Loewy, pioneer of American Industrial Design reasoned that "you must create your own design style". It is this philosophy that provided Fraser Moss & Jimmy Collins with the principle to launch YMC (You Must Create).
Taking inspiration from the early 20th Century ("simple & made to last"), this mainly-menswear London label has certainly lived up to its name. As opposed to most 'skate'-inspired American street fashion, YMC's founder-designers take pride in finding inspiration from a variety of British elements
: 70s punk subculture, workwear style, even the coarse landscape around the British isles. With its new modern interpretation of underground driven trends, YMC has for a decade & a half now brought an independent, slightly leftfield way of dressing with a multitude of different looks.
These YMC red selvage raw indigo jeans are unbranded & come in a slim, carrot leg fit. (Great price for selvage denim, too!)

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