"" wondermomo: VICTORIA BECKHAM Jeans Collection

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Love her or hate her, when it comes to a fashion plate, Victoria Beckham takes the cake. Consistently dressed to the nines, this prominent WAG certainly pushes the envelope when it comes to fashion-forwardness. Thankfully, VB's sometimes over-the-top style didn’t transfer over into her design decisions when she decided to launch her own line of jeans.
VB’s first jeans collection did make quite a splash -- until her relationship with maker Rock & Republic soured.
The name '1921 Jeans' then appeared in the news -- after VB took a couple of days off from the Germany World Cup to visit the company's headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada.
Western Glove Works, the maker of 1921 Jeans, is one of the oldest family-owned denim manufacturers in the North America. With a collection inspired by jeans from around the turn of the century (we assume they mean 1900 & not 2000), 1921 Jeans already enjoys its own significant reputation & popularity. What resulted from the meeting with VB was a signature star dVb jeans range that blended her unique fashion direction with 1921 Jeans' technical know-how. Rather than one single element, the product born of this collaboration possesses a variety of aspects that make it unique as a total. Kinda like a "sum of all parts": great fit, cool washes, interesting details, quality fabrics that feel wonderful, & styling that is appropriate to that one-and-only "VB look".


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