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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

KSUBI Eyewear

Sunglasses are like jeans & shoes -- meaning you can never have too many (haha)! Here’s another shades line you must have at this moment: Ksubi.
Founded in 2000 by a collective comprising of rag-tag Aussie surfers, Ksubi quickly grew into Down Under's favourite jeans/streetwear company. Apart from a slight hiccup due to alleged trademark infringement (you can read about it here: "Tsubo sues Tsubi, and Ksubi is born"), the re-christened label has gone from strength to strength. Today Ksubi does more than just ultra-hip denim, making also unisex eyewear that transfers the brand's signature style -- fresh, artistic, with a healthy dose of attitude & humour -- onto your peepers.
The first letter in both 'Ksubi' (as well as its earlier name 'Tsubi') has always been silent, so that 'Ksubi' is pronounced as "soobie" in Australian accents, & "suebee" in the USA.

The brand's eccentric ad campaign (09/10) seems to suggest that no matter what you carry on your head or wear as clothing, Ksubi sunglasses will be the first thing others notice about you.

Some of their designs may be non-traditional looking, but Ksubi eyewear is already quite a cult classic & enjoys a niche following.

Don't you wish this was your sunglasses collection?
Photographer Paul Selby (of The Selby) took pictures of Ksubi co-founder George Gorrow & his wicked workplace in Sydney.

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