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Saturday, December 27, 2008

NEW - Dr.Denim Jeansmakers

Those in search of a doctor can now find a brilliant one in our store.
There're no stethoscopes or antibiotics here, though. Instead, this doctor prescribes jeans, & calls itself Dr.Denim Jeansmakers.
Based in Gotenberg, Sweden, Dr.Denim Jeansmakers was launched in 2004 as a high-image, low-price jeanswear brand. With a family background originally in clothing & marine fishing, the founders (& brothers) were inspired to name the first pair of Dr.Denim jeans ever made 'Unagi' (Japanese for eel). Indeed, like the eel, Dr.Denim jeans always carry an enviable sleekness & simplicity (usually in darker inky hues), not to mention that special brand of 'sunshine pop' that only the Swedes seem to be able to pull off.
Sportwear International Magazine recently tipped their hats to the Graah brothers by naming the label the winner of 'Best Denim' in the 2008 Sportswear International Fashion Awards (SIFA)*.
*First-round SIFA nominees are selected by the magazine editors with the help of readers. The winners are then determined by a panel of prestigious international retailers. (Think swanky award show for clothing.)


Darryl de Necker said...
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Darryl de Necker said...

I love my Dr.Denim jeans. I have Harris Blue Black Raw that I've been wearing for the past 128 days. Real value for money if you're interested in raw denim.