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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

"A few years ago, I went to St Moritz in Switzerland to be part of an exhibition in a big hotel that was owned by an art collector. Everyone who was there was into skiing. I'd never done it before and I spent the first morning on the nursery slope being taught to ski by children.
After lunch I decided I didn't like skiing, so I returned to the hotel to build a snowman. I decided to build a non-confomist snowman. When the owner of the hotel saw it, he became very excited that I had created an artwork in the grounds of his hotel. I had to explain that it was not an artwork -- it was just a snowman. It was an easy mistake to make."
(Artist David Shrigley reinvents the snowman.)

May at least some (if not all) of your Christmas dreams come true...
Business as usual on Christmas Day. Oh & more cool new items just in this morning. See ya!

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