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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Earnest I AM by Earnest Sewn

The original Earnest Sewn, the "next big thing" from former co-founder of Paper, Denim & Cloth Scott Morrison, was built as a luxury jeans brand with a "sewn in earnest" philosophy free of assembly-line production. Since its 2004 roll-out, a huge celebrity following at the hipper end of Hollywood star spectrum has quietly sealed the status of Earnest Sewn jeans as the off-duty uniform for the stylish. The diffusion line
Earnest I AM (launched Jan 2008), meanwhile, references a more contemporary approach to jeans -- clean washes, straightforward fits, minimum design flourishes. Although lower-priced, rest assured the collection has stayed true to Morrison's vision of pride in workmanship & commitment to authenticity. Just the thing for the denim devotee who in the future might move on to Earnest Sewn.

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