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Saturday, October 22, 2011

ROYAL ELASTICS (Australia/USA) Slip-On Laced-Up Dress Shoe

Successfully diversifying beyond the classic elastic sneakers that initially dominated its lineup, Royal Elastics has introduced a positively fashion-forward -- but still of the slip-on design! -- dress shoe in high-grade distressed and antiqued leather or elegant buffed nubuck leather.
Elasticated laces and hidden elastic panels on the canvas inner sock further make for the easy slip-on, slip-off function.
Wear it casual or just a tad dressy, this shoe doesn’t waste time and looks simply amazing!


In 1997, fresh from the success of producing disco parties in Sydney, 20-year-old Tull Price and pal Rodney Adler decided to start their own streetwear shoe line. At the time of its launch, Royal Elastics was characterised by comfortable shoes that could be put on and removed shoes swiftly using elastics. Under the slogan “no time for laces”, Royal Elastics carried out strategies that met with great acceptance from active youth, particularly in the music and art industries. Today Royal Elastics is based in Los Angeles, and Price and Adler, who have gone on to work on their new luxury sneaker line FELT (previously posted here). And despite rocky times plaguing the fashion trade, Royal Elastics has, under its new EVP and chief creative director John Bondoc, victoriously survived several changes and uncertainty, prevailing as one of the most innovative brands around.

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