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Saturday, October 23, 2010

TWENTY8TWELVE BY S. MILLER "Bacall" Padded Knee Leggings

In leggings trends, the “biker legging” with padded knee is currently the leader of the pack (vroom vroom!). This pair, by Sienna and Savannah Miller’s Twenty8Twelve, is both form-flattering and edgy, thanks to the quilt stitching at the knees.
The fit is a comfortable yet trendy mid-waist rise.
Pair these trousers with one of this season’s stylishly oversized tops in a bold colour, or dress it up for work with a chic blazer.
(RRP £150 or US$255)

Designers Sienna and Savannah, and the models, and a variety of leggings attend a reception before the Twenty8Twelve AW2010 show during London Fashion Week.
Quick! Can you spot the Miller sisters?
Take a guess, then check your answer below after the jump :-D

Sienna Miller is 3rd-R, while Savannah Miller is 3rd-L. Didja get it right? :-)

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