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Friday, June 14, 2013

BEN SHERMEN (England) Men's Underwear

Though you might never have heard of Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, you surely must recognise Ben Sherman: the name of Sugarman’s iconic mostly-menswear label. Based in the southern seaside city of Brighton, England, Sugarman launched his clothing company in 1963 — the moment when fashion and music converged and the rocker style was born — that quickly caught on with stylish young gents across the UK. Ever since, Ben Sherman has served as the go-to source for well-dressed Anglophiles, post-modern mods, and in-the-know music buffs in Great Britain and beyond.
As it happens, Ben Sherman also offers an underwear collection — basics which feature soft cotton/modal blend, sexy hues, contemporary cuts, and a fit that is better than a globe. ;-)
(RRP US$40 - US$48)

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