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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIESEL Jogg Jeans (Denim + Sweat Pants)

Denim revolution? Working in their secret laboratory, Diesel took the next step in combining comfort and style in denim and created ‘Jogg Jeans’. Diesel calls Joggs ‘a unique fusion of design and groundbreaking new fabrics that combine the iconic style and durability of denim, with the relaxed attitude and comfort of jogging pants’. Indeed, the logic behind this new product evolution makes perfect sense – nothing looks cooler than denim and nothing feels more comfortable than sweatpants, so why not combine the two and get the best of both worlds?
Made with left-hand twill denim (left-hand twill creates a softer denim with a more open weave than right-hand twill; its fading also tends to be a bit more blurry than right-hand twill), this hybrid/mutant pants feels soft, light, and incredibly comfortable. Given the fabric and fit, you’re sure to wear this pair often.
(RRP US$300 ~ US$330)

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