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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PF FLYERS Rambler Sneakers

Comfort. Style. And that extra little something. We ask a lot of our shoes, and these retro-inspired PF Flyers doesn’t fail to exceed our expectations.
The winsome, "go anywhere" Rambler design features PF Flyers’ signature simplicity and cleanness, with the usual details like flexible canvas upper and thick rubber sole. We especially dig the vintage style red/white two-tone stitching that creates a cheerful mood. Sets this shoe --and you-- way above the competition!

Before Michael Jordan laced up his Nikes - heck, before Michael Jordan was even born - Boston Celtics legend Bob Cousy was tearing up and down the court in his PF Flyers. It was the Posture Foundation insole technology that gave the sneakers their name, but PF Flyers quickly became better known for helping men -and women- look and feel great in a wide array of sneakers. More than 50 years after Cousy became basketball’s first superstar, PF Flyers is still going strong with a range of styles — both classic and modern — and a legion of glitzy Hollywood fans. (When Penn Badgley (Gossip Girls) was asked in an interview if he preferred Chuck Taylors or Nikes, he answered, ‘PF Flyers’.)

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