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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CUSTOMMADE (Denmark) Contrast Colour Dress

Hi! We hope your Lunar New Year celebration was warm and wonderful, filled with laughter and love :-)

Today’s entry is about Custommade, quite maybe Denmark’s best-kept secret.
Relatively unknown in these parts, we love how this decade-old label expertly combines a clean and contemporary approach with great urban bohemian style, creating beautiful clothing -of uncompromising quality- that have a distinctive imprint of its Danish roots.
The brand’s aesthetic is like a flirt between cool, nonchalant Scandinavian fashion sense and the style of a young-at-heart woman.

Simple and sweet, this Custommade dress embodies the youthful, individualistic women of today who appreciates great style over fashion fads.
(RRP SEK899)

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michal bell said...

hvis du er en mode elsker og ønsker at købe nye trend af klude, så du skal besøge denne hjemmeside Adrian Hammond for godt og moderigtigt