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Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Brand Alert! VERA BRADLEY Bags (USA)

Once upon a style time, Vera Bradley handbags were the corny quilted accessories carried by little old American ladies way south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Today, Vera Bradley is an in-demand carrywear collection that sells at 41 Vera Bradley stores and over 1,000,000 (all those zeros makes that 1 million, in case you missed it) other retail locations worldwide.
Indeed, the Vera Bradley success story is the epitome of the American Dream: Two longtime friends (Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller) started small, named the brand after one of their mothers, and made it big through hard work, passion and a loyal fanbase.
Pretty, soft, comfy and functional, Vera Bradley bags are easy to love. First, the styles appeal to all generations -- it’s not uncommon to see daughter/mother/grandmother trios toting Vera Bradley bags (too cute for words). Secondly, the prices are reasonable and affordable, that it is hard to resist owning one of these handbags. And then there’s the print. Feminine and delightful, in colours that make even the dreariest day seem sunny - seriously, how can anyone hate those happy floral/botanical/paisley prints? It would be like hating Care Bears! (No one hates Care Bears.)

1. When you first purchase your Vera Bradley bag, you may spray it with protective Scotchgard (to stop it from getting dirty in the first place).
2. Vera Bradley bags are made from 100% cotton, which makes them washable.
3. Note that solid bases should be removed from some models prior to washing. This only applies to bases that move; ones sewn in can be washed safely.
4. Turn the bag inside out, and wash it on a gentle cycle using cold water and a very mild detergent. Alternatively, the bag may be washed in just cold water and vinegar, which helps to restore colours.
5. Air-dry flat, then spray with Scotchgard again if you wish.
6. Vera Bradley does not recommend the use of Woolite, since it is not recommended for cotton fabrics.

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