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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dear, dear friends.
With the sun having been on a four-month hiatus (at least on the Earth's more populated hemisphere), there's nothing more we’d love to do to welcome it back then to soak up all the Vitamin D we can.
And just as our bodies require the basic protection, so our eyes need some special TLC of their own :-)
Also, we figured, what better way to ring in the new season than with a fresh new accessory on your wrist?

With that in mind, wondermomo and Whoop!’s first-ever EYEWEAR AND WATCHES FAIR is simply too good to pass up! Here's how it works: Enjoy never-before 20% savings off select sunglasses, optical frames, and watches… but not for long! This offer is good for a limited time only.

Mathematics not your thing? Allow us to spell it out even more clearly with a couple of examples. The 20% special offer means that:
- RM499 limited edition sunglasses, NOW RN399.20
- RM650 hand-crafted buffalo horn spectacle frames, NOW RM520
- RM1199 designer analogue watches, NOW RM959.20

As you can see, the bargains (particularly on higher-priced items) are downright remarkable - and rarer than a class-X solar flare! So if you haven't already taken the plunge, don't wait… or you'll be left in the cold with that empty shoulda-woulda-coulda feeling... and your dream sunnies and timepieces by coveted designers snapped up by someone else, GONE FOREVER. (It's a sucky feeling.)

See ya soon then!

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