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Sunday, May 3, 2009

New: TATAMI Comfort Shoes

You may have heard about the white-hot collaboration between designer Phillip Lim & Tatami to create a special edition of Navaho-/hippie-style sandals last year. Founded in 1990 by Alex Birkenstock (the second oldest of the three Birkenstock brothers), Tatami shoes & sandals have the advantage of an association with the Birkenstock stable. (Think of it as Birkenstock's fashion-forward "sister".) This means that all the modern, funky designs of Tatami footwear rest on a comfortable footbed offering a myriad of therapeutic benefits. The core of the anatomically-moulded footbed is a cork & latext mixture; layers of quality jute give the footbed its famous stability, while the covering of suede absorbs the foot's moisture, forwards it to the inside of the bed, & thus ensures a healthy foot climate. In Tatamis, you can walk day & -- of course, if you want -- night, in a relaxed manner & at the same time be a trend-setter.
Great for docs, nurses, or just anyone who has to be on their feet all day long!

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Kaoma said...

Interesting. Do you know why they named "Tatami?" Tatami is a mat made of rice straws in Japan.