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Friday, May 8, 2009

New Parisian Label: LES PETITES

Awaken your inner little girl with this pretty Les Petites floral dress!
Established in Paris in 1992, Les Petites is the baby of Isabelle Benichou, who was "la petite" is her family -- the youngest of seven children. "Each one of us is somebody's petites, affectionately speaking." (See where the brand name is derived from?)
A lively character who especially embraces 'colour' as her motto, Benichou excels at conceiving playful collections which can be mixed-and-matched according to one's personality & mood. Perfect for women at ease with themsleves & in tune with their time, it's no wonder Le Petites is fast becoming a French fravourite, beloved for its ability to work that Parisian magic.

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