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Monday, January 19, 2009

Supra Footwear & Supra NS

Within the incredibly short span of time since its 2005 inception, Supra Footwear has burst into the forefront of the sneaker world, generating insane amounts of hype. All through last year, Supra has been spotted on the biggest names in the action sports industry & practically everyone of note in the music universe. The label didn't exactly rise out of nowhere, though. The brand's elusive founder, Angel Cabada, has had great success building up KR3W, a skateboard apparel cum denim label & sister company to Supra. With the breakthrough of KR3W, Cabada decided to apply the same winning formula of quality & innovation to create a shoe line that complements the KR3W clothing. He chose the name 'Supra' reputedly because the Latin word stands for "above & beyond" -- judging by the reception to the brand, that certainly looks like where Cabada is headed.
In 2008, Cabada launched an extension to the original footwear line called Supra NS (Non-Skate), which focuses on the use of premium materials & innovative cuts in the design & construction process. Despite the name, Cabada says you could still actually skate in a pair of NS; they're just a little more forward, yet free of "throw-up" colours.
Highly sought after, these are truly the No.1 shoes on the block these days! Get a pair, now. Heck, get two!

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