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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Didja know good things always come when the year is renewed?
Or maybe it's just superstition..., but it doesn't need to be -- you can make it anyway you want if you want it bad enough!
Have a happy Year of the Ox, dear friends! Thank y'all so much for EVERYTHING & we love y'all very very very very very much!

(wondermomo & Whoop! will be closed Monday 26 Jan.)

Photo: 5-year-old sea lion Jackie writes the word 'Ox' in Chinese character to welcome the lunar new year (AFP).


Unknown said...

hi there

can i ask how much these supras sneakers are retailing for?


do you have the red ones in size 9?

wondermomo said...

Dear Kenji,
Great to hear from you! Yea the all red Supras were magic & sold out in the first hour of sale... We're looking to restock this month, feel free to check in again soon. Meanwhile thanks a lot for writing & an early happy V-Day to you!

Unknown said...


can u shoot me a mail at aboutaboi (at) gmail dot com once the supras come available again?

wondermomo said...

Dear Kenji,
We will certainly try. Thanks again & take care!