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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

UBIQ - Braska, Bo-Ro, Prime, Vaget

Ubiq is the vision of Tomoyuki Kosaka, formerly of Chapter (a sneaker mecca in Harajuku).
Since its debut 6-plus years back, Ubiq has kept the hits flowing in a steady steam & the fans coming back for more.
While Ubiq used to be a mystery to sneakerheads outside Japan, interest in the label has burgeoned internationally in the last 2 years.
Founder-designer Kosaka's desire for his sneakers to become a ubiquitous presence in our daily (footwear) lives gives you a clue as to the reason behind the name. So far, Kosaka's quest seems to be on target.
With the right mix between off-beat designs, vibrant styling, & never veering too far, Ubiq's non-sneaker looking sneakers are highly recommended to anyone who appreciates quality & uniqueness.

Available models:
1. Braska: Traditional hiker silhouette with a mid-cut suede upper. The integrated fleece sock (same as the ones on Nike AGC shoes) features a drawstring pull-chord which allows the wearer to control the fit around the ankle.
2. Bo-Ro: Deisgned with the image of a buttoned-down shirt. Using buttons in place of lace eyelets gives these kicks a fresh spin. Can be slipped on.
3. Prime: A re-design of Bo-Ro, crafted from the same shoelast. Great for long walks.
4. Vaget: With distressed leather & ankle support, a stylish & practical re-interpretation of the basketball hightops of yesteryear.

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