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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

KEN THE FLATTOP Spacy Ducky Embroidered Shirt-Jacket

Inspired by the American Golden Age yet wonderfully updated (in full-out retro fashion, naturally), Spacy Ducky clothing have become a fascinating tribute to the future of yesteryear fashion. Japanese celebs like Tomomitsu Yamaguchi a.k.a. Gussan, Crazykenband, George Takahashi, & Conny are among the many fans who avidly embrace the label's sense of 40's - 50's nostalgia.
The sticthed message of this shirt-jacket, simple yet powerful, says it all: "Walk like a Ducky"!

Sidenote: 'Ducky' is slang for excellent, fine.
Born in Yokohama, KEN THE FLATTOP is Japan's top pinstriper & hot rod artist. His stunning pinstripe designs -- sought after for its precision & tight details -- have distinguished him as a creative force in the underground art world both in Japan & internationally.

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