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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blouses by Twenty8Twelve

Fashion capsules created by celebs may be the topic du jour now, but not many have landed major praise like Twenty8Twelve by s.miller, a collaboration between actress Sienna Miller & her sister Savannah, a Central St. Martins-trained designer who’s lent her talent to biggies like Alexander McQueen & Matthew Williamson. (The label name comes from Sienna's birth date.) The sisters do not merely slap their names & logo on the line, but are deeply involved in the design process -- researching films, art, magazines, & vintage techniques. The result? Rather good fashion wear, & resounding approval.

IN STORE: Anne Tunic & Ophelia Blouse -- two thoughtful, pretty, & utterly wearable designs from Twenty8Twelve by s.miller. Silk, with floral print.

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aretha said...

Hello! Been reading your blog for quite awhile..Just asked my mum to pop into your shop to get this blouse for me as well as the thomas wylde scarf because im currently studying in the UK..love them! =) Bring in more pretty stuff!! =)