"" wondermomo: Babydoll with Embellished Neckline by Castle Starr

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Babydoll with Embellished Neckline by Castle Starr

Wish upon a Starr: With astute financial acumen and a design team to support him, businessman Dan Castle has successfully launched an emerging label which comprises pieces made with such enviable refinement and impeccable taste, it's no wonder fashion editors and celebs are big fans.
Merging modern beauty and vintage embellishments, this delicate
Castle Starr creation captivates with a neckline that looks like it was fashioned from a vintage necklace.
For ladies who don't want full sequin, but want to shine.


[s]u[s]a[n] said...

hi, do u do overseas delivery?

aretha said...

the castle star dress..is it available in a small?:) i am a regular customer at your shop.