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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI (Solomeo, Italy) Trapeze Top

Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian luxury label that doesn’t hit the radar very often. If you know it at all, you tend to know how super expensive it is—but a closer look at its creations gives it good reason to be. Exquisitely crafted and finely detailed, Bruno Cucinelli’s “Everyday Couture” is perfect for women who look a million bucks whether they’re running a business or their children to school.

Evident in this tiered piece is the brand’s predilection for the trapeze / flared hem silhouette. A flattering design that will wear beautifully season upon season.
(RRP US$1,613)

Founder Brunello Cucinelli started selling cashmere sweaters in 1978 and expanded to full womenswear in 2000. Today the collection also includes designs for men. The company went public in 2012, when it was valued at an incredible US$320 million. Known mainly for its very expensive cashmere daywear easily costing more than €2,000, it says something for the calibre of Brunello Cucinelli creations that they were able to generate an increase of 15.4% in revenue in 2013.

Prince William was wearing Brunello Cucinelli for the engagement royal portrait.

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