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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BRIC'S MILANO (Italy) "X-Bag" Backpack

Bric's Industria Valigeria Fine Spa Milano (“Bric’s” for short) was founded in the scenic region of Lake Como, Italy by Mario Briccola (thus the name) in 1952. A self-made man with a pionering spirit, Briccola started out with just travel bags, which people came from far and wide to buy from his workshop. Business kept growing and eventually, fans started asking for Bric’s handbags as well. Today, half a century later, Bric’s has become an internationally established luggage, handbag and small accessories operator, known for its craftsmanship and its use of the finest in Tuscan leather and hardwearing nylon. Although the company has far outgrown Briccola's small workshop, the personal touch continues today, with six of his eight children working to carry on their father’s legacy of quality, style, and attention to detail. (Members of the family, including the grandchildren, sometimes even model in Bric's catalogues.)
Bric's retail locations presently include stores and counters in Italy, France, Belgium, South Korea, China, the United States (where it is represented in both standalone boutiques as well as upscale stores like Bloomie’s, Neiman’s, and Barneys) -- all in all, over 20 countries worldwide.

Bric’s X-Bag Collection
Fun, practical, versatile and useful -- that’s the Bric's X-Bag collection. Made from PVC-coated polyamide fabric, Bric’s X-Bags are as durable as they are good-looking. The material is waterproof-treated (although you’ll understand the zips never are), and the handles and details are vegetable tanned leather made.
The Bric’s X-Bag Backpack comes in various colours.

A Bric's specialty store in Italy:-

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