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Thursday, May 28, 2015

10th Anniversary Farewell Sale

Dear Friends.


wondermomo was always a little ahead of the curve; we created something that people came to for close to 10 years now. That's a pretty special thing. As our current property lease approached its expiry, we have been in talks to have our tenancy renewed for 1 of the 2 shops we operate but, despite early favourable indications, we have been unable to reach such a new lease agreement with the landlord.

And so after much deliberation, we have decided to call it a day.

It was not a light decision, especially when we think of our many marvelous loyal customers—a number of you who have been with us from day one. The people were always the best part of this adventure. It’s been fun trying to inspire fans of fashion to take one step further than the last; hopefully we've provided some help and relief on your sartorial journey. To all of you who were a part of it—THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH from the bottom of our hearts.

The silver lining? Everything is on final clearance sale, starting Friday 29 May: ALL STOCKS MUST GO.

So long, it’s really been so nice to know you :-)

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