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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

G. H. BASS & CO. (USA) Men's Oxford Shoes

G.H. Bass & Co. has a very long history, which dates back to Maine in 1876. The company was born out of founder George Henry Bass’s devotion to crafting quality footwear, and today the rich heritage and tradition continue to guide the company in their shoe-making.
Rebooted for the modern man, this G. H. Bass version of the Oxford shoe is sturdy and reliable but kept handsome with its modish full raw-denim/leather upper and minimalist detailing. You simply can’t go wrong with these to step up your smartest looks like jeans or slim-cut trousers!

Features non-marking TPR outsole—no scuff marks and lines on wooden or tiled floors—which also happens to be non-toxic, and is water- and mildew-proof, with excellent static skid resistance. Super comfortable, too.

G. H. BASS & CO.
When George Henry Bass started his company in 1876, he made a commitment to construct durable footwear in the finest shoe-making tradition, establishing a reputation which endured for more than a century. Among the devotees of G. H. Bass’s craftsmanship was Charles Lindbergh, who wore G.H. Bass shoes when he flew across the Atlantic. Hollywood legend James Dean also made a sartorial statement when he paired his Bass footwear with rolled-up jeans and a white T-shirt. Even J.F.K donned G. H. Bass’s comfortable shoes. Today, the 138-year-old company is getting the dust-and-polish treatment and being revitalised into a more compelling name.

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