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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SWIMS (Norway) Men's Loafers

Didja know that loafers were originally developed in Norway? And SWIMS, hailing from the same country, specialises in durable rubber and mesh variants.
SWIMS loafers boast the brand’s water-resistant properties while also sporting breathable nylon construction, a durable and flexible TPU outer shell, anti-slip natural rubber sole, and ventilated anti-bacterial and odor-resistant EVA insole for cushioning.
When dirty, the shoes can even be thrown into the washing machine for quick and thorough cleaning. :-)
Whether at the pool party/the beaches, on a casual Friday at the office, or on the weekend stroll through the city malls, slip them on for a stylish and fun alternative to the sandal or flip-flop. A stylish option to pack on your holiday, too.
(RRP US$150 – US$180)

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