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Monday, May 20, 2013


‘What on earth are you wearing?’
‘Those look funny.’
‘Are those clown shoes?’
‘How do they feel?’
Just some of the comments you will get from strangers on a regular basis if you’re wearing a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. They look like this:-

Vibram Five Fingers were invented in 1999 by Italian Robert Fliri as a more natural footwear alternative for different activities (fitness, running, water sports, yoga, trekking and travelling, and other sports). Basically, they’re a bit like a shoe that fits like a glove, with each toe having its own pouch.

With ‘barefoot running’ becoming a hot topic in recent years, VFF (which was commercialised in 2005) began to make waves as a novel, minimalist approach to footwear.
These sock-style shoes may take a bit getting used to, but they really are comfortable as they do not crowd your toes. Instead, your toes get to fan out naturally when you walk.
VFFs are also machine washable (gentle cycle-warm water cycle). Pop them in the wash and, ta-daa, they’re almost brand-new again.
Available for men and women.

Whether you’re into running, fitness, or just living a sporty lifestyle, Vibram Five Fingers comes in a variety of styles and sizes that deliver the versatility of traditional sneakers with a liberating barefoot sensation.

Learn more about Vibram Five Fingers --including how to put them on-- from these quick videos:-

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