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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Brand Alert: NUE 19.04 (Paris)

‘What we wear becomes our cocoon, how it feels is important.’
A stand-out, super hard-to-find young Parisian label (launched in early 2011), NUE 19.04 is slowly, but most assuredly, gaining a cult-following.
Known for its use of gorgeous second-skin fabrics in crafting dynamic ‘rock chick’ pieces, NUE 19.04 plays a style that is a subtle mix of femininity and harshness.

Sensual and delicate, but also somewhat ‘rock’ and impertinent, this meticulously crafted NUE 19.04 dress is the perfect melding of silk and leather.
Keep the cool neckline in focus with upswept hair and just a few well-edited accessories at your next high-profile party.
[RRP €360]

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