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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BAGGU (New York) Leather Bag

The story of Baggu began in 2006, when Parsons design student Emily Sugihara thought that it was silly there weren’t any cute reusable bags on the market. Collaborating with her mother (who ran a quilt-making biz with fans like Ralph Lauren), Sugihara came up with a functional nylon carryall based on the classic plastic grocery bag. Seven years later, Baggu spans 18 countries and offers everything from pouches to keychains. And that good ole nylon prototype? It now comes in extra-supple natural milled leather, too.

Simple but cleverly constructed, the leather version of Baggu’s signature nylon bag has the same shape, with two handles that are comfortably hand- or shoulder-carryable.
Big enough to hold all your stuff, rugged enough to toss around, fun enough for your weekends, and stylish enough for a city spin!
(RRP US$160)

Baggu Trivia
Baggu founder Emily Sugihara (L) is one-quarter Japanese and Baggu (バッグ) is the Japanese word for bag.
Sugihara’s childhood bestie, Ellen Van Der Laan (R), created Baggu’s logo and officially became the brand’s creative director in 2008.

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