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Sunday, April 15, 2012

LE TIGRE (USA) Polo Shirts

Le Tigre first emerged in the late ’70s as America’s response to France’s Lacoste clothing line. It was started by an American, named Bob Rush, who was poking fun at the French and their fancy sport shirts (check out the funny ad below).
After being out of production through the 1990s (it was rumored that in 1991, even a certain former President of the U.S. of A. had trouble getting his hands on a Le Tigre polo shirt), the brand made a comeback in 2003 with new silhouettes and better fabrics.
Today Le Tigre is part of the Kenneth Cole Productions group and positions itself as a cool sportswear line that ‘appeals as much to skateboarders as to hip-hop artists, as to that kid backpacking in Colorado.’ That cool factor was apparently behind the electroclash It band ‘Le Tigre’ naming themselves after the brand. And Nikolai Fraiture, the bassist for The Strokes, reportedly uses the term ‘Le Tigre’ to affectionately refer to his East Village side-part shag.
Check out these better-looking, better-feeling variations of the cotton polo shirts that some of you may have grown up wearing.


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