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Thursday, July 21, 2011

J.LINDEBERG (Stockholm) Polo Shirt

Made with organically grown cotton (cultivated without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, from plants which are not genetically modified), this J.Lindeberg tailored polo is, interestingly, named after the legendary style icon Porfirio Rubirosa - nicknamed “Rubi” (and also “The Last Payboy”).
Rubirosa, who was of Dominican origin but grew up in Paris, was not only an elegant jet-setter, he was also a diplomat, skilled aviator, race car driver, and an extravagant polo player. Always impeccably dressed without a single flaw in his appearance, Rubirosa was admired for his exquisite sense of style by many, with Ian Fleming even basing the character of a certain spy named James Bond character on him.

Wear your Rubi with jeans in various washes, chinos in neutrals or pop colours or -why not- with your golf pants!


Johan Lindeberg started J.Lindeberg in 1997 after a successful stint as the marketing director at Diesel. Eager to detach himself from the perception of working predominantly with denim, Lindeberg looked to professional sports, where denim could not provide the need for comfort and workability.
His friend Jesper Parnevik, the Swedish pro golfer, provided the perfect canvas for Lindeberg. A maverick in his own right, Parnevik bravely displayed Lindeberg’s initial offerings, famously donning pink chinos on the Sunday of his win at the Byron Nelson Championship in 1997.

It took a while for the golf world to synthesise what Lindeberg was trying to accomplish, but by combining tailored cuts with a more subdued colour palate, and with the star power of Colombian “spiderman” Camilo Villegas in recent years, J.Lindeberg has successfully bridged the long gap between the common golfer and high-fashion.
Johan Lindeberg officially left J. Lindeberg in 2009. But if you take a moment to scan a room of competitors at a weekly PGA Tour event, you’ll realise that J.Lindeberg the label isn’t going anywhere. The brand is practically the reference point for every contemporary golf designer, unconsciously or not.

Yes, J.Lindeberg also makes very handsome suits, beloved by the golden boys of Tinseltown.

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