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Sunday, February 6, 2011

REED KRAKOFF (USA) Cadet II Leather Handbag

For those unfamiliar with Reed Krakoff’s success story, a quick recap: When he arrived at Coach in 1996, it was a stodgy $500 million American company; now it's a $3+ billion global mega-brand. Whether you’re a fan of Coach or not, it’s hard not to admit that Krakoff has a keen understanding of the types of handbags women adore.
So it’s no surprise then that Coach is backing Krakoff in his
newest venture: an eponymous label, upon which he will work concurrently with his creative duties at Coach. After only just debuting in Fall 2010, Krakoff’s nascent brand has been treated to an unbelievable amount of press coverage, and it has already quietly opened shop in New York City, Las Vegas and Tokyo, too, where its well-made bags and shoes are doing particularly well.
Perhaps also of interest is the report that the names " Reed
," " Reed Krakoff," and " RK" have all been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office along with two designed logos. The goods and services that could potentially be launched under this trademark range from personal care products like body sprays and toilet soap to ready-to-wear and leather goods. Apparently even pet products and " hotel and restaurant services" are accounted for. Kinda makes you curious, doesn't it? Just what does the ambitious Krakoff have up his sleeve?

If you perceive Coach as too mass-market or logo-driven for your personal taste, take a look at Reed Krakoff’s gorgeous Cadet II bag with grommet strap. Epitomising classic simplicity, rich, luxe leather, and excellent craftsmanship, and with nary an external logo to be found, this bag -in tune with Krakoff’s intent- is meant to appeal to a different customer than Coach's: one who seeks an understated yet high-end bag that will add knockout sparkle to her wardrobe for years… and years… to come.
(RRP US$990)

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