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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DOLCE VITA 'Adra' Studded Peep-toe Platform Heels

Living La Dolce Vita -- Life is meant to be lived... as fashionably as possible! So give your prim pumps a rest and take to the town in these risqué 'Adra' peep-toe studded platforms by Dolce Vita.
Contrast pyramid and round studs aside, these babies will induce height in a totally walkable way. By how much, you ask? How about 5 whole inches!
(RRP US$240)

Platform Heels
Platform heels are first said to have been used in ancient Greece to increase the height of important characters in the Greek theatre. Their popularity rose significantly in 70s and 80s, especially among musicians (remember David Bowie and KISS?). In the late 90s, the sensational UK girlband Spice Girls brought platform heels into mainstream fashion as they frequently performed in these shoes. Catching onto the trend, women (and men!) began to go for these footwear statement in a big way. Platform shoes are of particular advantage for women who love to wear high heels but find it hard to balance in thin-soled, spikey stilettos.

La Dolce Vita, in Italian, apparently means the good, sweet life, or the easy, laid-back life. Since its 2001 launch, U.S. label Dolce Vita has showcased chic footwear and clothing lines inspired by those very ideals. Young, restless and glamourous, the brand’s head designers are literally their own muse. Their needs and wants reflect those of their buying public. One of them, the charismatic and multi-talented Ivy Kirzhner, also happens to be a photographer, performer, music artist, and the lead of Aikostar, one of the key Filipino-American fronted bands in NYC. How cute is Kirzhner when she reportedly said this about her occupation (as a shoe designer): “Being Filipino-American, the Imelda-ness flowing through my veins has got a lot to do with it!”

Dolce Vita designers: (L to R) Jillian Shatken, Amy Amato, Ivy Kirzhner.

Dolce Vita footwear has proven to be a big hit with celebs.

Watch the Dolce Vita Fall 2010 preview at FashionWeek LA:-

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