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Friday, March 12, 2010


French fries aren’t French. Butterflies are not made of butter. The 100-year war actually lasted 116 years. Clearly Shakespeare was on to something when he asked, “What’s in a name?” Take Les Petites, the Parisian brand founded in 1992 by Isabelle Benichou (top right). The name of the label is simply derived from the fact that Benichou was “la petite” in her family (the youngest of seven kids), and not from a specialisation in smaller sizes (hehe). The only thing possibly petite about Les Petites, in the fashion sense, in the designer’s own words, is this: “Everyone has a young side to them, one that only comes out sometimes and that is playful and carefree.”
Sublimely cut with easy angel sleeves & an injection of French chic, the Les Petites ‘Muse’ dress is a piece that appeals to every woman -- youngest or not :-)

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cazal said...

do you have this dress at your shop?