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Monday, December 7, 2009

TOM FORD 'Peter' Aviator Sunglasses (Unisex)

*Fair warning: 'Nuvertising' ahead!

The most influential person in fashion in recent years? Tom Ford, easily.
From his single-handed reinvention of Gucci into a US$4 billion empire to his innovative revitalisation of YSL Rive Gauche, Tom Ford is a man of many accomplishments. Always sleek, immaculate & composed, the charismatic Ford has, since partin
g ways with the Gucci group, remade himself with his own successful fashion label (&, more recently, with his provocative approach to the aesthetics of cinema, as director of the stylish & ravely reviewed 'A Single Man').
Just to offer some insights into how big Tom Ford International has become: One perfume counter at the department store, Selfridges, in London made £1.5m (US$2.5m) alone during 2008. The costume department for James Bond a.k.a. Daniel Craig had more than 350 Tom Ford suits made for the filming of 'Quantum of Solace'.
Despite the hefty price tag of its goods, the label now has 18 standalone stores & is stocked in more than 65 shops worldwide.
With a highly distinctive 'X' or cross-over frame (one of the noted trends this season), the To
m Ford 'Peter' unisex sunglasses seamlessly combines a classic aviator look with a glamorous & sexy appeal. One can imagine how right pleased the designer must have been with ‘Peter’, seeing as he’s put it front & centre in his 2009-2010 ad campaign. Photographed by Tom Ford himself, both Anna Jagodzinska & Jon Kortajarena (a Ford favourite &, according to Forbes, the world’s 8th top male model) are seen stripped down to nothing -- well, except for their ‘Peters’, & one or two accessories. That’s certainly one way to focus attention on the product ;-)
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