"" wondermomo: MANDARINA DUCK Stitch Wallet

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When Mandarina Duck (now part of the Antichi Pellettieri Group) was founded in Italy in 1977, it immediately turned heads in the traditional leather/luggage market with its innovative designs. The mandarin duck, from which the brand takes its name, lives in eastern Asia & is thought to be monogamous, and therefore a common symbol of fidelity in Chinese lore & Oriental art. With its brightly coloured, waterproof plumage & tenacity to embark on long migratory journeys, the little bird really mirrors the values of the brand: colourful, dependable, and with an attitude towards travel.
'Stitch' by Mandarina Duck is a line created for young male professionals with a modern style. The Stitch wallet is made of full grain pigmented retouched cowhide. A central leather body & sleek & tough nylon walls give structure to the wallet.

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