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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Burberry Black Label Knit Polo

As we’d posted before, in Japan, Sanyo Shokai holds the licence for all Burberry apparel brands & stores. In 2000, following the raving success of Burberry Blue Label (geared towards young women with some men’s items), Sanyo decided that girls shouldn’t have all the fun & spun off Burberry Black Label for male professionals. Designed in Japan in collaboration with Burberry’s London team (which retains approval authority over all concepts), both lines have reinvigorated the once-tired brand with a Japonistic styling. Many fashion-forward tourists even regard them as one of the hidden treasures of Japan (since they’re only sold in Japan).
Woven of premium fabric that feels wonderful & smartly cut for a nice fit & appearance, these hard-to-come by Burberry Black Label knit polos also feature a banded hem -- just plain more comfortable for those of us who aren’t big on tucked-in shirts.
A stylish, durable style to show off your beach/golf tan!
[Colours: Navy, White, Vermillion, Black. Retail price in Japan = ¥12,600]

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